Getting Started

Getting Started
                                                                                                                 Gas Fuel Advantages
                        • Most convenient fuel to use 
                        • Independent of electricity- heats during power outages 
                        • Cleanest burning of all fuels 
                        • Easy operation 
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                                                                                                    Wood Fuel Advantages
                          • Natural, renewable resource 
                          • Independent of electricity 
                          • Enjoy sights, sounds and aroma of wood burning 
Pellet Fuel Advantages
                          • Natural, renewable, environmentally friendly 
                          • Safe, recycled wood waste 
                          • Pellets are easy to use 
                          • Pellets are convenient to store 
Electric Advantages
                          • Safe source of heat 
                          • No need for venting because there are no fumes 
                          • Uses less energy than gas fireplaces